We believe in partnerships with our customers and suppliers in order to maintain stability of business operations.

As a result, MWEG operate a number of Joint Venture Supply Agreements directly and through their subsidiary companies. 

MWEG also favours these JV structures when working with Finance partners.

About Us

Madison Williams Energy Limited (MWE) is the holding company for the Energy Group and acts as the main buying and contracting division for all operating companies in the group. This parent company also administers the back-office operations and provides legal and banking facilities as required.

Madison Williams Europe (MWEU), based in Bologna, Italy, is a registered reseller of all products produced by BP (UK). This company, together with our various partners, buys directly from Rosneft, Somo, ERG, Gunvor and most other major suppliers and producers.

Madison Williams Europe is in charge of all European Union sales and marketing.

Madison Williams Trading acts as the Trade Desk for the Group and is solely responsible for all spot trades and some contract sales in the group. The company is located in London.

Madison Williams Singapore controls the far eastern markets for the group and this operation has strong connections into the Chinese state oil companies as well as most major oil companies in the region. The company handles all aspects of our Chinese business.

The company acts as the managing company for ONE2MADISON which is an oil trading platform, owned jointly by Madison Williams and Chinese State interests with direct access to China's Major Oil Companies.

Madison Williams Rus is based in Moscow and was established with our Russian partners as the buying organization for Russian refined products for all Group Companies.

Madison Williams Africa is run from Cyprus and manages clients throughout Africa, acting mainly as an importer of refined oil products and liquefied gas for the region.

Our Mission:

To provide consistent access to an increasingly scarce resource to high-end energy consumers in a cost effective manner.

To operate in areas where we can establish a clear commercial advantage over our competitors.

To maintain a level of focus that will make us leaders in our chosen business areas

Our History

Madison Williams is the oil trading arm of the BWT Investment Group (BWT).

The flagship operating company, Madison Williams Europe AG (MWEU) was established in 2010 as the European oil trading operation of Madison Williams Holdings of New York. (MWNY).

MWNY was a spin-off of Sanders Morris Harris Group in Houston Texas – and had, as such, a 20 year track record in the corporate finance field. In 2010 the company underwrote 17 offerings and raised about $4 billion in public equity. MWNY had offices in Houston, New Orleans, Chicago, Boston, Washington DC and San Francisco with headquarters in New York.

BWT and its partners acquired 100% of Madison Williams Europe in 2010 and in 2011 MWNY closed its operations in the USA.

In 2013 the Group moved its base of operations from Switzerland to the United Kingdom from where the various worldwide subsidiaries of Madison Williams Energy Group were acquired or established in line with the overall expansion and operational goals of the organization.

In a time of turbulence and change, Rob Liano's words have never rung so true:

‘Knowledge on its own is nothing, but the application of useful knowledge, now that is powerful’.

Products and Services

The Company has initially limited the product range it offers to Gasoil (Diesel Fuel), Gasoline, Jet Fuel, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) and various crude oils.

These products offer the best sustainable profit margins and are the products in highest demand worldwide and the products are bought and sold based on internationally recognized price bases less a negotiable discount. This pricing model is maintained in such a way as to yield a consistent and sustainable profit margin.

Contracts for buying and selling our products are consistent with industry standard contract terms, conditions and structure.

Additional services, where required, such as on shore storage and inter port shipping are outsourced for our customers.

Product Supply

MWEU are BP Oil (UK) registered re-sellers and as such have access to all products, both crude and refined, offered by BP from their European terminals.

The company is also a trading partner with ERG Sales and Marketing SpA of Genoa Italy and as such also has access to ERG's supplies of crude oil and refined products. Recently, the company completed arrangements with LITASCO, the trading division of Lukoil, to co-develop markets in Africa, Turkey and countries in Eastern Europe. This arrangement gives MWEG access to various refined products traded by LITASCO for these regions.

Through our Singapore operation, MWEG has developed a trading relationship with Pertamina in Indonesia for the purchase and sale of LNG and other products and with PetroChina and PetroJapan for oil and gas products that become available to the Group.

Madison Williams Rus is a direct buyer of products from the major Russian oil and gas suppliers.

It has direct supply access to IPC Oil and to Ilskiy and YAYA Refinery Groups.

MWEG is also currently adopting closer ties with other refinery groups in order that we can purchase directly from these major corporations.


The Company is run on a day to day basis by the various Directors responsible for each company in the Group. A Main Board of Directors is established under Madison Williams Energy Ltd and is drawn from representatives from each subsidiary as well as a number of non-executive directors appointed for their ability to contribute their international trading and business experiences to this Board. The Main Board sets the strategies and standards which are to be implemented across the Group.

Group Trading Companies

Madison Williams Europe

Madison Williams Trading Limited

Madison Williams Med Limited

Madison Williams Rus OOO

Madison Williams Singapore Pte. Ltd


Madison Williams Southern Africa Limited

Madison Williams ICS BV

Key Management

Hedley Appleby – Group CEO

Chris Steele – Group COO and CEO Trading

Phil Morris – Group Compliance Director

Mike Rome – CEO Singapore

John Chia – General Director, ONE2Madison

Vladimir Esaulov – General Director Russia

Andrea Pezzotta – Senior VP Europe

Annakie Meiring – Senior VP Africa

Avv. Giovanna Vettori – Managing Director Europe

Contact Us

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Enquiry Line

+44 203 290 6433

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